• Paris, France

Receptive and responsible, I am looking for challenging experiences to build up my professional skills. I can identify overall goal objectives for projects and I like to achieve solutions that suit needs.

Specialities: Data sciences including systems engineering and software architecture, R&D projects, Object-oriented design and development.

Professional experiences

Paris, France

Android Software Engineer
  • Develop innovative, scalable and sustainable ways to achieve social impact with Android devices.
  • Maintain efficient and state-of-the-art applications to deliver a great user experiences.
  • Deploy a complete Android Continuous Integration Platform.
  • Collaborative work with UX designers to bring Material Design guidelines.


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Paris, France

Software Engineer
  • Full stack Android development.
    • Development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of Automotive Infotainment Systems using specific hardware for Parrot preferred customers.
  • System Integration (SOCA Architecture)
    • Ensure consistency in the delivery approach and practices used throughout the Automotive department.
    • Provide the necessary control mechanisms to deliver products of the highest quality that meet customer requirements and expectations, while keeping project on schedule.


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Washington DC area, USA

Guest Researcher

Specialised in medical device interoperability standards toward the challenging ICE research project (Integrated Clinical Environment) to build and support tomorrow’s operating room for clinicians.

  • Analyse, design and develop real-time programs committed to advancing medical device interoperability to improve patient safety and healthcare efficiency.
  • Expose several live demos to specialists.


Nancy, France


The QualiPSo-Factory is a next generation forge based on Service Oriented Architecture developed within the Qualipso European Project. Forges are online services that allow instantiation, composition and management of collaborative services. Traditionally, provided collaborative services are version control systems, issue trackers, forums, mailing lists or wikis.

Design and development for the Qualipso Factory project in GWT at INRIA.

Nancy, France
Master, Information Technologies Engineering, Computer Science

Speciality : Enterprise System Information

Nancy, France
Bachelor in Computer Sciences

Mathematics, Computer Science

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